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Soniscape is an experimental project employing audio and music as a game mechanic. It is a rhythm-influenced god game which demands fast-paced real-time user interactions with a deforming voxel environment.

Soniscape is a gameplay-focused experience. An in depth narrative is pushed to the side in lieu of achievement and player skill progression. The Player must gather villagers to a central location (the party house) while combating music beats which emanate from this location, deforming the terrain and pushing the villagers away. Players must use the tools at their disposal to corral the villagers through this transforming environment.

You play as the god of the beat who influences NPCs and objects of the small town/environment that is your domain. The Player controls influence via an in-game god hand that interacts with the villagers and in-world objects, directing them as the Player sees fit.

How to Play

  • Click and drag with the mouse to push villagers toward the central location (could be a house, a historical landmark, etc.)
    • The power bar will increase when a villager is pushed into the central location, and decrease when a villager falls off the edge of the map. If the power bar runs out, the level ends in failure.
  • Click on power-up icons to activate them when they are not on cool down
  • Power ups:
    • Mute - Silences the current track, stopping the villagers from moving for a short time
    • Boost - Increases power bar gain from pushing villagers into the central location and also decreases losses from losing villagers over the edge of the map for a short time
    • Amp - Pulls all villagers towards the central location for a short time

Developed by Rhythm Interactive Studios:

Kris Holguin - Producer

Mitchell Zelik - Technical Lead/Programmer

Bryan Engle - Artist

Brad Weeks - UI

Isaac Mendoza - Sound Designer

Gabriel Thorn - Artist

Nicholas Hansen - Programmer

Josh Hirst - Artist

Daniel Specian - Artist

Jamal Stewart - Artist


If you enjoyed the music in the game, check out HabitualCloud and Johammad on Soundcloud. Thanks to both of them for letting us use their music for our game.




The "loading" screen may appear to freeze at times, don't close the application (even if it says it's not responding), because it is actually still loading in the background.


Soniscape.zip 52 MB


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Really interesting concept, it wasn't the type of game i usually played but it was definitely not boring!

(VULGAR LANGUAGE WARNING) Had a lot of fun with this!

This is really fun! Great little game, really cool gameplay and design

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I was really looking forward to playing your game, but it crashes whenever I get to the loading screen. The word "Loading..." flashes 3 times and the fourth time the screen freezes. I've tried each 'map', changed the resolution and everything and always got the same result. I'm hoping this is a fixable issue (maybe on my end?) because the concept seems so interesting!

EDIT: Followed the advice of another poster and waited through the "non responsive" moment and the game worked. Patience is a virtue.

PC for 2000$ and I can't even go though loading :/

Brad (UI) here.

Sorry to hear that you're having trouble! The load times can be long, it takes a while to load levels on my laptop (although my laptop isn't great to begin with, you shouldn't be having that much trouble with a $2000 PC). However, the game not loading at all is strange, we didn't run into anything like that during playtesting. My only advice would be to let the game load a little longer. Unfortunately, any further work is unlikely because Soniscape was a school project, and the fellowship has been broken with some group members graduating/likely moving/etc. Sorry I can't be of any real help, but thanks for giving the game a shot regardless.

When it says Not Responding, just wait for it to respond. $800 comp here.

I'm just bit impatient. Cuz you know... it's annoying when you see lagged static "loading" screen.
Did you tried to segment loading to be more "acceptable"? Only to not have this stupid "Not Responding" situation.